About us

About Us

Digital transformation is not a concept. This is a reality asiazi know well. If we want to follow along in the society, then innovation is necessary, which our company has been working on.

Asiazi is an Indian multinational information technology service and consulting company. It is a subsidiary of Remain Group and operates in 32 locations across 10 countries (U.S, U.K, India, China, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan). The company's founder Sujit Tomar started in 2018 with asiazi director Rishi Prakash. We have over 148 dedicated employees serving clients across ten countries.

Asiazi has worked on about 7 + big projects in 2018, in which tecoser company provides service since 2019 after achieving great success in telecommunication sector. Our company was working on 10 + projects in 2019, which achieved great success in the media and press sector known as mobniz. mobniz is India's first digital press media provider company. asiazi is working on 11+ projects in 2020 with the other three national companies. Asiazi main focus on Banking, Education, Government, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail & Consumer Products, Telecom, Media & Entertainment industry.


Digitalization & Transformation in Technology

Modernity of technology and change in technology is necessary for the society which our company is doing. Modernity of technology and change in technology will bring changes in all industry and sectors, which will accelerate the whole world, so that our main objective is to develop the world.

Key feature & Spirit of asiazi

Digital transformation is not just a concept. This is our reality

  • Innovation is a part of Asiazi. We will keep it till the last, it is settled in the DNA of the company and we are completely dependent on it.

  • Very knowledgeable and experienced employee of technology work with our innovation. Which is important for services and products.

  • A product startup towards innovation, building mostly digital technology based products.

Key feature & Spirit of asiazi

Our approach equivalent to the future vision of technology.

  • We approach our partners, customers, resellers for long term business with best services and digital or modern technology this is our business strategy.

  • Asiazi project approch based on, visualizing the present and future of project.

  • We mainly approch and innovation for Communications, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods, Education Engineering, Banking, Construction & Insurance, Network & Edge Providers, Platforms & Software, Products, Professional Services and Retail industry.

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